A Moonlight Affair


Waiting at the doors of dusk,
is an ocean clinging on the sand all night.
To receive a recurring visitor,
which it has known for long,
but have often lost at the sight of light.

A Moon’s Reflection is all they know,
and have ever longed and adored.
And just with its first sight,
the ocean lashes the shackles of wind,
strikes another bewitching symphony on the shores,
a glimpse with which it reveres in furor.

Like an estranged lover,
back in the familiar arms,
the Moon crawls up in the tides,
cradled by the ocean,
afloat in water’s lap.
Doomed for an eternal wait,
the ocean enjoys it’s reunion – a silverline.

Like a thump of an heart,
after uniting with another breath.
Like the last note struck by Chopin,
after which the song is finally home and we open our eyes.
Like that word in a poem,
that giggles the soul and finishes the rhyme.
The sea starts another affair with the moonlight,
yet again that night.



Tears to Aspire

For some its day and for some its night,
Some long to sleep, some fight to rise.
The truth and the lies are defined in our sight,
For us mortals perceive what we wish to realise.

The infinite earth and the high skies,
Yawps to humanity to read the signs,
Ask you may a traveller who often cries,
For a desert deceives him of water and a land in ocean’s tide.

On the mountains there’s a soldier guarding our nation’s pride,
And we rejoice the valor in his newest stride.
While we still walk our streets wearing ‘I LOVE NY’,
Mother land is weeping ’cause one of her sons just died.

The bizarre world of wants and needs,
To build an empire upon our greed,
Family and friends whom we never really meet,
Are we still confused in what we really seek?

Just the wealth, the riches and lavish desires,
Or a mindful sleep knitting innocent dreams?
The eyes of a child whom you left inspired,
Or a bullet for all till there is no one to scream?

The choice of life and a choice of creed,
Won’t it all shatter if there is nothing beneath?
In His woven symphony should we not just play?
‘Cause His is the last word no matter how much we pray.

Do I finally know, do I finally see,
What He is really asking me to be?
What we seek might make us bleed,
From what we hide might be the path to lead.

Look again in your heart’s desire,
For life ahead is a plaque to write.
To remain in oblivion or rise above this entire,
To touch the lives that we could just light.

How never did I long for tears as I breathe,
But for another world when I leave,
While I rise, leaving behind ash in fire
A mourning fleet in tears is all I aspire.