Wicked Dreams

Every child every man holds a curse when he breathes,
burning is the soul in wicked dreams while he sleeps.

The dreams of castles with symphonies of lyre,
are just stashed with lies as I rattle in fire.

“Fist through the wall, and no wall is too tall.”
But I am always on my knees, I can’t even crawl.

“Only through the night are the stars shining bright.”
But blinded by the flares, I am already losing sight.

“Charge. Push. Blaze. And to your dreams you cruise.”
Rusted. Worn. Brazen. There are no signs, no cues.

With sweat and blood, vowed my dreams to transcend.
“Light after the tunnel”, but this road never ends.

“Fight for your fame is the theme of the game.”
But these rules frustrate, and this abyss suffocates.

Crushed in dust, again I face my wicked dream,
loud with blistering eyes, “Bring it on”, I scream.