A Moonlight Affair


Waiting at the doors of dusk,
is an ocean clinging on the sand all night.
To receive a recurring visitor,
which it has known for long,

but have often lost at the sight of light.

A Moon’s Reflection is all they know,
and have ever longed and adored.
And just with its first sight,
the ocean lashes the shackles of wind,
strikes another bewitching symphony on the shores,
a glimpse with which it reveres in furor.

Like an estranged lover,
back in the familiar arms,
the Moon crawls up in the tides,
cradled by the ocean,
afloat in water’s lap.
Doomed for an eternal wait,
the ocean enjoys it’s reunion — a silverline.

Like a thump of an heart,
after uniting with another breath.
Like the last note struck by Chopin,
after which the song is finally home and we open our eyes.
Like that word in a poem,
that giggles the soul and finishes the rhyme.
The sea starts another affair with the moonlight,
yet again that night.