Not so long ago!

Not so long ago,
did we play in the same yard,
shared Paans and Hearts,
and not just from our old pack of cards.

Not so long ago,
did we sit under the shade from the same tree,
eating Gud and Moongfali,
dreaming of our lives together after fighting our way to be free.

Not so long ago,
did we both call this land our mother,
writhing in the sandalwood dust,
playing Pithoo and Kabaddi with other brothers.

Not so long ago,
did we both enjoy Sufi and Raags,
hearing the world hail us as one,
on the either side of Indus which was then unbarbed.

But, not so long ago,
did we grew so bitter,
We axed our land, our mother,
And threw apart the Tughlaqi taqiyah and Sindhi paggad.

But, not so long ago,
rose our greed for land and mountains,
that even the clouds feared to pour,
Ganga’s elixer over Pathani doors.

But, not so long ago,
we saw our children die,
be it terror in Mumbai or a school in Peshawar,
both of our hearts did cry.

But, not so long ago,
we decided to raise those kids who braved the terror,
on the same land so that on a day another,
they could paint the Himalayan snow, again, in red color.

Yet, not so far ahead, not so far ahead!
will there be another world,
tears will dry and slaughter will shy,
and for a peaceful Indus we will try.