Promise, for the beyond!

Years and years later,
In our minds, when the past will be a little fader.

I promise, we brothers, will sit together,
When others might also just gather.

With a cup of tea, or wine, if you prefer,
We’ll sit, beneath the shadows from the past and the lights from the future.

We will then, talk and talk, till late in the night,
Until, in our hearts, the lamps of this decade will re-ignite.

The BCs, the chats, the laughter and the people we tried to lure,
We will talk, till we can’t stop laughing, but then – we’ll laugh no more.

For the reminiscences of being strangers to brothers and then forever,
Beware my friend, years later, that might just make us cry a river.


3 thoughts on “Promise, for the beyond!

  1. When something like this gets written, it makes me silent! Although I firmly believe friendship is something tht flows from the heart and cannot be frozen by adversity~as the water tht flows from the spring cannot congeal in winter!
    Awesome piece of work Saumay!! depth in simplicity..rare gift 🙂

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